Question: Should I buy AAPL or a REIT?

Question: Should I buy AAPL or a REIT?

Question-I have a limited monthly income for investing; I’m in between buying aapl or a REIT (I have one in mind) would you buy less shares of apple later or more shares of a reit now? Apple is, well, apple and the REIT has higher dividend but less certainty

Chuck Parrish Jr: I’d say it depends on which REIT you buy. Not all REITs are created equal Also depends on what kind of account you have taxable or IRA

Jessie Coberley: Taxable-I was looking at PLD, whatever I put money in I would add to and not want to move for at least 10 years

David Lopez: Jessie Coberley since its taxable get aapl or look into an index with aapl

Chuck Parrish Jr: Jessie Coberley Apple

Hans Mitchell: I’m holding MFA

Bob Stag: Hold REITs in a ROTH, or don’t hold them at all. Just my opinion.

Michael Pack: I believe in REIT’s.I buy and keep them in a tax deferred acct. I also am limited on income investing. I choose to allow div reinvesting to compound monthly or quarterly. For me I buy O and EPR. I can buy 3-4 of these two instead of one stock of Apple.I guess each person must weigh if they want growth of a stock price and a small div. Or would they like a div stock with slower growth but is more economical/bigger div. Be a blessing!

Bill Degnan: Not enough info. How much do you have to invest? You might want to look at a mutual fund if not enough $ available to buy 5+ stocks. I would never invest in just one stock if that was all that I can afford. There are a whole bunch of other considerations, but i will not go into them here without knowing what your parameters are.

Jessie Coberley: I invest through vanguard-i have quite a bit built up with them already, I’m just adding and rounding out now, I already hold a mutual fund, ETF and some other singles with them. I’m going to with about $500 with the idea to keep adding

Ken Faulkenberry: Apple can do well whether interest rise or not, while the REITs will have major headwinds with higher rates. If you believe rates are going to be higher over the next few years your decision is easy.

Miguel Antão: The potential for apple to keep growing is big and it’s paying dividends (which are also growing year over year) + buybacks + warren buffet reforcing his portfolio with more apple stocks (Signal of strength and confidence on the long term) Vs REIT which have nice dividends buy low growth…. my oponion is apple if you already have a diversified portfolio, otherwise I would choose an etf (such as qqq)

David Ou: More shares doesn’t matter it’s about the performance of the two stocks if A = 100$ per share /15% return B = 25$ per share / 10% return I’d go with A. # of shares is irrelevant compared to annualized performance.

Greg Williamson: Apple is at its all time high and REITs are down. That being the case I would probably pick up a solid REIT now and look to buy AAPL on a dip. For REIT’s, take a look at CTRE, O, and SKT.

Jessie Coberley: Thank I think I’ll go that route!

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