Question: What are your thoughts on REITs?

Question: What are your thoughts on REITs?

I don’t know about anyone else but REITs and higher safer dividend stocks are looking more appealing by the day. What are your thoughts?

Brian Locke: Until rates rise more and in current bear environment, yes.

Steven Heller: VNQ takes out the guesswork.

Chris Calabrese: lots of good buys on quality REITS right now.. I am currently fully invested but average down when I can…..

Peter Alex Kroupa: At least with REITS you still get something even when the market price deteriorates.

Lucas Scheffelmaier: What’s a good Canadian reit?

Helen Sriubiskis: Lucas Scheffelmaier Suggestion: Join the Canadian Dividend Investing group.

Lucas Scheffelmaier: Helen Sriubiskis thanks

Hoda Mehr: What I’ve seen most REITs are paying good dividend, but you lose your original investment because the price is going down. Here is an example of a REIT that lure you in with dividend but you lose money due to the overall price going down:KIM: 7.5% dividend but price has been going down

Billy Tb: Fair point. That’s why it is a most to find profitable companies and buy them on their bad days. Also, I always look at their investor relations and dividend history.

Hoda Mehr: Billy Tb Also, it is worth looking at the history of the dividend. Have they increased it or decreased it in the past few years. For example, KIM has been decreasing their dividend. While they pay 7.5% dividend but the rate has remained flat year after year. That’s a bad sign!

Kris Wright: Look into STOR, I invested in that one

Chris Calabrese: Kimco is really a solid REIT their balance sheet looks pretty solid if you ask me. They are a specialized REIT in that they invest in retail shopping malls and have an amazing portfolio which happen to be out of favor currently due to Amazon Etc…. So they are taking a beating right now.. I currently have a full position or I would buy more. Keep in mind. REITS should be invested in with a long term investment time frame to maximize their potential. I’d like to come back and revisit this post in 3 to 5 years and see how things look 🤑

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