Question: REITs you have invested in? Any specific type of REIT interest you the most?

Question: REITs you have invested in? Any specific type of REIT interest you the most?

Ralf Lai: Many “Rumours” that interest rates hike is NOT good for REITs

Kris Wright: Not judging based on that, I’ve had one in mind for a while

Ron Tharp: Ralf is correct. The reason is largely because most REITs carry a large amount of debt, so a dividend cut comes in to question. Couple that with the fact most who invest in REITS are looking for income. As yields increase so does their appeal to the shares customer base. I currently own some traditional brick and mortar retail, healthcare, hotels. Most have taken a huge hit this year. I took profits last year on IRM and will get back in on a pullback. I may add to STWD and SKT.

John Paul Martin: SKT is a good choice

Chris Calabrese: Big REIT fan here. REITS generally don’t corolate with overall stock market so its always good to have some in a portfolio. I am heavily invested in REITS probably 25% of my portfolio are in equity REITS. I love real estate in general and also own a po…See more

Marco Lot: NLY

Chris Calabrese: NLY is not an equity REIT in that they don’t hold actual real estate but they hold notes and borrow at short term and lend at long term rates and make cash on the spread. A lot riskier and complex than equity REITS. Make sure you know the difference and understand what you are investing in

Christine Rose Andrews: Welltower (HCLN) and Reality Income Corp. (O) have done well in the past.

Brian Locke: Not a fan of REITS in current environment but love the performance of LADR in that field

Er Man Filz: Several- SNR- mainly because they are mostly into senior assisted living and senior housing units and with the baby boomers all nearing or at retirement I believe most will be downgrading to these similar living, CXW and GEO but I don’t think they count as REITs but they are technically real estate, EDR- they manage education facilities- dorms and etc. and a few who own multi families and complex who rent for 800-1200. I think this is the safe bet cause they are not slums and they are not high end, more likely to survive a recession

James MacThorton: I bought into Welltower which is a healthcare REIT. My cost basis took a big hit, but now may be the time to buy if it becomes more evident where we’re going with interest rates.

Greggory Miller: In PK right now, a spinoff REIT yielding 6.4%.

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