Question: Anyone’s thoughts on Mortgage R.E.I.T.s?

Question: Anyone’s thoughts on Mortgage R.E.I.T.s?

Thomas Jansen: I already invest in many, paying very good dividends and I just wondered if anyone had any negative views. AGNC, CIM, NLY, CYS, WMC, WSR. CMO and MTGE,

Robert Freeman: maybe do some research and tell us your thoughts.

Patrick Slevin: Interesting question. I would not be buying a company that makes it’s money from consumer debt at the moment. You have a roll up in rates which will create tightening of credit. …See more

Thomas Jansen: it doesn’t necessarily sound bullish, I have just had them for years and has always been good income.

Tilli Fernandez: Thomas Jansen yr meaning BEEN bullish for years,,,Carry-on….

Patrick Slevin: I’m not looking to buy such instruments at the moment. One thing that these REITs will do is lull you into a false sense of security. You get the notion that you got in cheaply, you have made your money back through the Yield, and you tend not to not…See more

Tilli Fernandez: ..or maybe in slowly rising ETF

Patrick Slevin: Not saying I am right. Buy them then. He asked for a negative viewpoint. …See more

Michael Morse: Find a lease reit. less risk.

John Pagano: I made a few bucks of CIM and NLY. But both got bearish, I got in at the right time; captured some growth and dividends and ran out.

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